Brush Strips

In addition to the familiar NORDHS-KOTI product range, it is now possible to contact us for strip and sealing brushes. For more information or to arrange a visit from our technical advisor, please contact our sales department.

standard brush strips with holder

Standard brush strips with holder
Our standard strip brush range consists of an aluminium H,F or Y profile (sometimes plastic) and a high quality polypropylene brush with UV-protection treatment. These standard strip brushes are available in lengths of 1 m and 3 m, to be cut to size.

brush strip program
Flexible, adaptable and durable, brush strip provides innovative solutions for thousands of applications from agriculture to aerospace. In practice, we find very often similar problems. That is why we offer a selected program of strip brushes to suit your application.

brush strip

Aluminium holders
H,F and Y holders suitable for strips 2,5 – 3,5 – 5 – 8 and 10. Strip brushes and holders can be purchased separately. Standard lengths: 1m and 3m. Special lengths and holders are available upon request.

Flexible strip brushes
A brush strip with a flexible character which is available in 2 channel dimensions (3,5×3,5 and 5x5mm). Inserted in a U-shaped plastic channel (PP), this flexible strip brush adapts to any possible shape and perfectly fits in our profiles H, F, Y nr. 3 and nr. 5.

A flexible brush strip that effortlessly adapts to various shapes. Available with a range of profile types, enhancing its versatility. It finds utility across a multitude of applications, such as sealing, guiding, wiping, and pressing. The strip can be cut to your desired length without any material wastage.