Brush cassettes

Brush Cassettes

Different types of cassettes for sweeping runways and other large surfaces.

Brush core

Brush Cores

Sustainable aluminium brush cores for all types of snow clearing machines.

Brush rings

Brush Rings

Various shapes and brush configurations enable optimal sweeping efficiency.

Sweeping brushes

Sweeping Brushes

Different types of brushes for all types of sweeping machines

Strip brushes

Brush Strips

Brush strips provide innovative solutions for many applications.

Industrial and technical brushes

Technical Brushes

Industrial and technical brush solutions for all industries.

Nordhs Borstfabrik AB becomes Nordhs-KOTI

Due to the synergy of both companies, it will become one of the strongest and most advanced brush companies in Scandinavia. A company with added value that is not just a supplier but a company that is looking for solutions within the production process. In addition to the familiar NORDHS-KOTI product range, it is now possible to contact us for strip and sealing brushes and all your industrial and technical brushes.

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